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Cape Ann TimeBank

Welcome to Cape Ann TimeBank

The Cape Ann TimeBank welcomes all persons 18 years and above in their desire for belonging and community.  Our purpose is to build a community among a wide range of residents of Cape Ann and to empower them to contribute to each other’s well-being through giving and receiving services. A timebank is an alternate economy that is based on time rather than dollars. Every member’s time is valued equally and exchanged on an hour-for-hour basis. The Cape Ann TimeBank is a network of people who show that we care about each other, rewarding people for helping each other. Once you are a member, for every hour you help another member, you earn a Time Dollar.


Core Values of TimeBanking:

The Cape Ann TimeBank operates with the five core values promoted by TimeBanksUSA, a national network of local time banks. Cape Ann TimeBank is an Affiliate of TimeBanksUSA:

1. Assets
Every human being has something to contribute to others

2. Work
Our society depends on many kinds of work that do not command wages: raising children, preserving families, making neighborhoods safe and vibrant, caring for frail and vulnerable people, making democracy work, etc.

3. Reciprocity
Instead of people with needs being only on the receiving end of services, making transactions 2-way empowers both parties to the relationship.

4. Community
Healthy communities need social networks based on trust, reciprocity and civic involvement. Our goal is to get to know and give each other help and to resolve conflicts effectively.

5. Respect
We strive to develop and express our acceptance of individual differences and diversity.

For more information about Cape Ann TimeBank take a look at our web page.


Contact Information

Coordinator              Becky Williams     781-568-9470
Bookkeeper Louise Maier 978-546-9819


Membership Dues

Cape Ann TimeBank dues can be anywhere from $15 - $150 per year. Each member determines what s/he can afford and simply pays that much.

Mail your dues check to:

Louise Maier
9 Penryn Way
Rockport, MA 01966.